price list 

* we offer an additional 40% off (pkg only) if you refer a friend.

Laser Hair Removal   


Smaller Areas $39.00 plus TX

Upper Lip


Linea (navel to perineum area)

*6 Session Package $195.00 plus TX


Small Areas $49.00 plus TX


Bikini Line

Fingers and Toes

Areole or Sternum

*6 Session Package $245.00 plus TX


Medium Areas $149.00 plus TX

Half Leg/Half Arm

Full Bikini


Shoulders/Half Back

*6 Session Package $745.00 TX


Large Areas $279.00 TX


Full Back/Full Legs

*6 Session Package $1,395.00 plus TX 

Laser vein treatment 

Facial Areas:

1-4 sections                             $150.00 plus tax

5-8  sections                           $300.00 plus tax

Leg areas: 

1-4 sections                             $150.00 plus tax 

5-8 sections                             $300.00 plus tax 

8-12 sections                           $550.00 plus tax


slim wave technology


one session

$150.00/ treatment  plus Tax


10 sessions or more 

$90.00 /treatment plus Tax

Botox- fillers- vampire facial face-lift 


Botox                                $9.00 /unit plus tax

Vampire facial              $450.00 plus tax 

hair restoration        $550.00 plus tax

fillers  PRP                      $450.00/ per syringe 

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